If you are looking for a Trial Attorney, you have come to the right place.

There is nothing better than having an experienced Trial Lawyer by your side in court representing you in a court of law advocating your case against the opposing lawyer working at a large downtown law firm representing an insurance company (Civil Litigation) GEICO, Allstate, Progressive …. ) or even against someone hired by the local city, county, or state to prosecute a case.

The goal for any company or person is to avoid going to court, and that means avoid litigation, because disputes are always expensive and costly.

The difference between THE RO FIRM, P.S.C. and other  lawyers is the versatility in which the Firm can litigate your case through extensive courtroom experience coupled with the grit and tenacity of handling heavy-fought civil litigation cases against aggressive opposing counsels in front of judges who have had to handle a myriad of legal cases.

Victor Ro has personally handled for his clients a vast array of cases involving the filing of lawsuits and/or pursuing litigation in a wide range of areas. 

In addition, he has litigated in highly complex matters in Federal Court as well.  If there is a tribunal involved where a judge (or even an administrative law judge, ALJ) and courtroom is involved, he can help.  Even in cases involving administrative agencies sometimes called quasi-courts, such as DSHS, DCYF (often involving CPS cases), ESD, LNI, he can help.

Transactionally, he has also advised companies involved in real estate partnerships, employment matters, dissolution, and contracts, including recently consulting with a corporation involving contracts/employment issue.  This company was in the potential process of buying out another entity through mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

The firm has also handled the incorporation of multiple McDonald’s corporation franchises throughout Washington.  With those involved in a Bankruptcy matter, he has also helped clients considering a Chapter 7 or 13, to discharge their debt through the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy courts.

One of the primary traits setting Victor Ro apart from others is that he has handled litigation matters where other attorneys first tried to effectuate a specific result the client wanted, but for some reason was not able to achieve the desired end either due to the circumstances involved at the time, a financial issue, or otherwise.  However, when the client hired THE RO FIRM, P.S.C., Victor Ro as the lead attorney on the case, results have often been spectacular. *

In the past, Mr. Ro served for years on the Judicial Screening Committee as a former member of the King County Bar Association.

If you feel you really need proper representation, and need to talk, call the office for a consultation.