A will is a document directing another (called the ‘executor’ or a ‘representative’ or ‘personal representative’) to carry out the wishes of the decedent (the person who passed away) accordingly. The one who makes the will is called the ‘testator’. If you ‘die intestate’, this means, you died without a will.

Let’s review:

The person who drafts or makes the will is called the TESTATOR.

The person who executes the wishes of the testator is the EXECUTOR or PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE.

The person who passes away is called the DECEDENT.

If the person dies without a will, then that person “DIED INTESTATE”

Generally, if you pass away without a will, there are still options such as the State will direct your property accordingly to the state probate laws. Often, it is who a person ‘would have done’ anyway; but often, it is not the way a person ‘would have done’ as well. Confused? This means it is prudent to make a will when you feel the time is right. If you feel the time is right, then call now to secure your future and the future of your family and extended family.

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If you are at your wit’s end and feel you have no other choice but to file for bankruptcy, call the law firm now before you consider this option. Sometimes, you don’t have to file for bankruptcy, and sometimes you do.

For personal matters, you can file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13. A Chapter 7 is similar to a ‘Fresh Start’. However, it doesn’t just end here as a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will be on your credit for some years and will follow you for quite a long time. Still, when the debts mount up too high, this is the only option, and often may be the best option over doing nothing about your debt.

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy involves delaying your debts so that you can pay them off within a 3 – 5 year span. This too may affect your credit, but it allows you to still pay off your debts within a particular timespan.

Generally, for business, a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing may be available to reorganize the business debtor’s debts and assets. If this is you as an owner or officer of a business corporation, you may consider such an option.

Bankruptcy can get very complicated depending on your circumstances. it can also be very plain and simple so that you can move on with your life.

Here, at THE RO FIRM, P.S.C., whenever a Bankruptcy client approached the office, the attorney aims to be thorough in its approach while advising you of the other options other than Bankruptcy.

Because this is a Trial Lawyer’s law firm, you can rest assured, you will have a professional attorney experienced in court as well in case you wish to defend any creditor lawsuits or negotiate any financial terms in order to resolve your case.

The goal is so that you can live your life while your attorney handles your legal affairs.

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Family Law

Family matters go deep. They involve highly charged emotions, accusations, and the very sensitive aspect of your children. You are probably reading this because you have a disagreement with your loved one either about finances or about your children.

Did you have an agreement and now need to file a contempt?

Do you need to file a restraining order?

Have you been served with legal documents and you don’t know what to do?

In the world of family law, deadlines abound everywhere requiring quick and thorough action. This type of litigation is time consuming, costly, and very taxing on the mind and body. If you have a family law matter that must be won and you have no reccourse but to fight the matter all the way to the end, then you may be experiencing sleepless nights, doubts about your future, your children’s future, and the overall well-being of yourself and your loved ones. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to call the law office now.

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