As you review Mr. Ro’s credentials, vast experience, and top-notch results, you will quickly notice Mr. Ro’s ability to get the best results when engaging in courtroom litigation, the forum to which and in which almost all litigation cases come to a halt where the buck stops before engaging in a battle between lawyer vs. lawyer.

At this point, you have to ask yourself 1 question:  “Who Is My Lawyer?”

If you can say “My Attorney is Mr. Ro”, you can be assured you will have advocate on your side, looking to your best interests during this trying period of your life.

Mr. Ro has secured numerous outstanding results for his clients whenever he is hired to represent them either in a pre-litigation context or when actual litigation ensues and a jury trial (or a bench trial) is necessary.

In the world of Medical Malpractice Law, results can take time and are often negotiated and settlement before a trial happens.

As to experience with Jury Trials, a recent case type involved a JURY TRIAL in a Medical Malpractice case involving a severe Foot Injury to the Client.  As to settlements, Victor Ro, THE RO FIRM, P.S.C. has had a track record of successful settlements for its valued clients.  The Firm aims to help recover money for its clients while making them whole again.  $1,000,000 ($1 MILLION DOLLARS) settlements are not as common as many may believe.  Rather, reasonable settlements can range whether it is $25,000 or $100,000 (more or less), depending on each case.

Thus, Victor Ro, THE RO FIRM, P.S.C does not aim to boast  $2,000,000.00 ($2 MILLION DOLLARS) settlements as if your case is worth this much.  It may be.  It may not be.  Instead, a reasonable resolution so that you can move on with your life is the goal.  Still, when a trial is necessary, it is necessary.

On a reasonable scale, Victor Ro previously represented a highly valued client on an auto accident personal injury case settling for __$200,000.00__ after significant litigation efforts.  Given the circumstances, many may claim this was an impossibility, but this settlement amount demonstrates resolutions after extensive time and effort put into a case for a fair and just result.  For confidentiality purposes, the Firm takes a client’s case, litigates it either to settlement or a jury trial, and allows the individual to move on with their life.

After all, Time Is Money.  Settlements are not for hype.  An injured victim does not want publicity – they want recovery and they want their life back.

“Do You Want Your Life Back?”

(Select Cases Abbreviated)



+ T.C. v. M.N.; A.C.; Franciscan Health System [Hospitals, Physicians] – MEDICAL MALPRACTICE



+ L.A. vs. HMA (Yakima Regional Medical & Cardiac Center) –

 … and more!

Note/Disclaimer: Your particular situation may be different. No case is  guaranteed any particular or specific result.  Some case results may include final disposition of a part of a case and not the entire matter.