The most important question for many people when looking for a lawyer is cost. The legal fees worry a lot of people. How much does it cost to hire a private attorney. What’s the legal fee?

Answer. The most common method of billing or charging a client in the world of criminal law is a flat fee. There are times when a lawyer is willing to bill on an hourly rate, but these kinds of situations depend on the structure, the law firm and the lawyer.

Often, an hourly rate can save you lots of money. On the other hand, an hourly rate can actually cost the client a lot more than anticipated.

If you’re in jail, some lawyers will visit you in jail for FREE if the lawyer feels you will be likely to become a client. Most lawyers should charge a fee to physically visit a potential client in jail because it takes an attorney’s time out of the office, gas charges are incurred, and overall, the opportunity cost can be high if the jail visit does not result in ultimate engagement between attorney client to begin official representation. This is sheerly from a business standpoint. From a legal fee standpoint, some attorneys may charge you $250 for the visit, while others can charge you over $1,000 or $1,500 or more for the visit (this can be common for immigration deportation cases or serious felony or federal cases involving significant analyses of a criminal matter). You don’t have to hire a lawyer at a low fee or a high fee. It is your choice to hire whomever you wish at the rate you feel is appropriate for you.

Still, other clients, may not care much about the legal fee so much so as they care about the quality of legal representation. That is, the client just wants the best trustworthy lawyer to stand by their side in court, regardless of how much it costs, because the client has already made that decision not to hire any cheap attorney or an inexperienced attorney, not matter how low the fee is. This type of client is not in search of a cheap lawyer, but simply wants results. This type of client understands there are no guarantees, but there are likelihoods and probabilities of success – and this client wants the best.

Other clients want a lawyer whom they trust. This is probably often more important than legal fees. The reason is because trust is the basis on which an attorney and client can work together to achieve strong results. With this trust, attorney fees become irrelevant. You will have to assess your situation and hire the best lawyer you fell can help you. It’s not about your budget as a number one priority when the stakes are extremely high. Prohibitively high costs vs. prohibitively high stakes. You choose what’s most important to you.

THE ADVANTAGE: Experience, Knowledge, and Most Importantly: RESULTS.

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