The Law Firm’s Attorney has extensive experience inside the courtroom.

Having trained at highly well known Law Schools where its graduates have included the 25th President of United States, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, the Current Governor of New York, Former Governor of Iowa, Former CEO of Time Warner, Former Chairman of Citigroup, Television Anchor and Personality(ies) of Fox News Channel, and other Corporate and Government officials, including politicians and judges, the Law Firm’s Attorney has also trained with the some of the best lawyers in America.  Additionally, under the tutelage of notable Law School professor(s) including the former U.S. Solicitor General for a former U.S. [Previous] Presidential Administration, this Law Firm Attorney’s is not a stranger to rigorous legal principles of Constitutional Law.

Since the beginning of the new millennium year 2000, when the Firm’s Attorney embarked on his legal education, and having trained in various contexts from New York (Albany) to California (Los Angeles County) where the rigors of courtroom demands have necessitated precise, high quality trial and courtroom skills and techniques, the Law Firm’s Attorney has honed and refined the legal skills needed to help valued clients to achieve sometimes unmatched results.

Day In and Day Out, interacting with attorneys, judges, court clerks, bailiffs, and even government attorneys, the Law Firm Attorney’s skills have been in very high demand.

PRECISION, RESPECT, JUDGMENT, and ABSOLUTE FOCUS & CONCENTRATION have all marked the traits of this Law Firm’s Lawyer as he applies the complex issues of law, fact, and courtroom decorum to achieve incredible results in a tenacious but unassuming, humble manner.

From time to time, the Law Firm will take cases for clients whose issues are extremely difficult to resolve, if not “impossible” as deemed by the public and even other attorneys.  Nonetheless, this Law Firm believes that “All Hard Work Brings a Profit” to quote from the Bible: Proverbs 14:23.  Still, clients must understand that results can never be guaranteed.   To give an example, a most recent result involved an age old case in the courtroom which appeared virtually impossible to reverse; however, valuable time, energy, teamwork, and resources ultimately secured an extremely positive result for the Firm’s client.

Thus, it is this Firm’s aim to achieve the best results for all its clients while maintaining professional and confidential representation, always striving for honest, highest quality representation in a court of law.



Law School:  Georgetown University (2002-2003); Albany Law School (2000-2002)

Graduate Degree:  University of Miami (1998)

Undergraduate Degree:  The University of California at Berkeley (1995)



Top 100 Trial Lawyers, THE NATIONAL TRIAL LAWYERS – 2014 Invitation Accepted

JUDICIAL SCREENER:  Judicial Screening Committee of the King County Bar Association [PANEL – Review & Recommend Judges/Lawyers for Judgeship/Bench]



Washington State