EDUCATION: JD – Albany / (3L) Georgetown; MA – University of Miami; BA – University of California at Berkeley

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS: “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” (2014 – THE NATIONAL TRIAL LAWYERS), WSBA, King County Bar Association Judicial Screening Committee

This Firm takes its criminal defense clients and their cases very seriously. The Firm’s representation of the client begins with a FREE initial consultation to discuss the facts of the criminal case so that the criminal trial attorney can analyze the ramifications of the legal and criminal predicament. Once the Firm is retained, the criminal attorney begins representation. A criminal case may take the immediate route to trial or require further investigation and negotiation. This criminal defense firm and its attorney(s) will never go to trial for the sake of it since the primary goal is to advocate for the client’s interests. Consequently, an extremely high number of criminal defense cases have been resolved prior to trial. If a criminal case does goes to trial, it is because it is ‘trial-worthy’ and ultimately because the client wishes to present the case to a jury.

The Firm’s criminal defense attorney and trial lawyer has secured some highly successful results for its clients, both on the civil and the criminal side of the law. Some results may serve as a benchmark for your case, but never consider it a guaranteed reflection of results for your particular criminal case. The Firm’s attorney carefully analyzes and selects its criminal cases for consideration of trial worthiness. Since the client ultimately decides whether he or she wishes to press the case towards trial, the Firm will always review and advise clients in light of this delicate balance: The Firm’s legal analysis of the case and the client’s wishes. This criminal defense law firm prides itself in its ability to see a case for what it’s worth (not necessarily from a financial perspective) and its likelihood for victory. The Firm considers a trial equivalent to that of a war, a legal battle. To boast that a lawyer has gone to war 10, 20, 50 or 1000 times is not the best measurement of a lawyer’s ability to handle your case. Thus, it will not boast or attempt to highlight its experience by stating it has completed an ‘X’ number of trials or hundreds of hearings. Although it has completed a handful of trials or ‘wars’, and hundreds of court hearings, this criminal defense firm prides itself in its careful readiness towards only a select number of cases that may go to trial.