A Medical Malpractice lawsuit is a serious claim. You have gone to the doctor and have entrusted yourself only to find out that the Doctor has committed Negligence against you.

When you visit the doctor’s office, they do not guarantee (at least they should not) a particular result. In fact, a bad result per se from a medical procedure does not mean Medical Malpractice has occurred. Rather, if the doctor has breached the standard of care, this is when Medical may be an issue.

You may have undergone a medical surgery and you are now dissatisfied.  Whatever your situation in which you find yourself, you may feel you have been the victim of Medical Malpractice. If so, do not hesitate to contact office for a private, confidential consultation.

The Firm’s attorney also has extensive experience in other areas of law, especially that which demands the skills of a trial lawyer, including jury trials, litigation and negotiation. Whether the law firm has been hired to represent clients involving high stakes administrative agency hearing matters (DSHS, CPS, EEOC, Department of Early Learning), or actual jury trials in a court of law, clients have been extremely satisfied with the results procured. Although no results or settlement is every guaranteed, THE RO FIRM, P.S.C. always strives to represent its clients with the highest form of meticulous detail, professionalism, and aggressive lawyering advocacy, while maintaining the utmost confidentiality for its clients.